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Get 20% off Lily’s Kitchen new Suppurrs Stew range for Cats


Lily’s Kitchen is offering a new range of natural food for cats called Suppurrs Stew, and for a very limited time – until 14 August 2018 – customers can get 20% off.Suppurs

Suppurrs Stew is free from the nasty elements associated with mass-produced cat food. Lily’s only uses natural ingredients that include fresh meat and offal. This is in stark contrast to some cat foods that only contain 4% meat.

This new Stew range competes with 93% of the cat food category that promises meaty chunks and gravy but is designed to fit with Lily’s Kitchen’s existing range of pâté and dry food recipes for cats.

There are five steam-cooked Suppurrs Stew recipes. They include Farmhouse Chicken with Beef, Cockadoodle Chicken, and Scrumptious Chicken with Salmon.

What makes these products different is that Suppurrs Stew is uses only 33% real shredded chicken fillets meat and offal. There is no added rendered meat or meat-meal, fish-meal or, bone-meal.

The chicken is hand-shredded and the meat is sourced from the EU.  A lot of other shredded chicken products emanate from East Asia.

The most important difference is that each of these stew-like recipes from Lily’s Kitchen offer complete and balanced nutrition. This includes essential taurine that is vital for cat health, with additional vitamins and minerals. As with all Lily’s Kitchen cat products, Suppurrs Stew is free of grain. The RRP is £1.40 for 85g but for a very limited time only Lily’s Kitchen is offering customers 20% off their new Stew range.

As well as coming in single trays, made from aluminium and fully recyclable, Suppurrs Stew is also available in a convenient multipack. The RRP is £7.95 for six trays of 85g.

Lily’s Kitchen founder and CEO Henrietta Morrison says Suppurrs Stew has been launched as a healthy alternative for those cat parents who have unwittingly been feeding their beloved cats recipes which contain nasty ingredients like rendered meat and bone meal.

Suppurrs Stew means Lily’s Kitchen now has a recipe that suits every cat’s preferences and provides an extra solution for people who want to feed their felines quality ingredients that the cat will love.

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