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Spring Danger 2: Tackling Ticks On Your Dog

Tackling ticks takes effort

Tick the box: this eight-legged parasite can cause severe problems for your dog

Tackling Ticks

It’s important for us to be tackling ticks because ticks survive by drinking our dogs’ blood. They have eight legs that they attach to our pets. As they gorge themselves on blood ticks increase in size until they are as fat as a small pea.

You should beware of ticks hovering on tall grasses and shrubs. They are waiting for a bloody host to pass by, which could be your dog! Ticks are not to be ignored. They are liable to cause severe irritation and can also transmit disease.

How To Spot & Remove Ticks

Check your dog regularly for ticks. This is especially the case in warmer months, which is when ticks are most likely to be around.

Tackling ticks with tick remover

Ease the pain: tick removers make getting rid of ticks easier

Ticks are much easier to spot than fleas and on closer inspection you can see their legs. Unfortunately, you may also find a red skin irritation around the tick on your dog.

Never pull a tick out from your dog’s skin. It’s highly likely that the ticks mouth, which has attached itself to your pet to extract the blood, will be left behind. This will cause infection.

There are special tick removing tools that are available here or from vets and most pet shops. These remove the whole tick safely, leaving nothing behind.