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Keep summer cats cool as temperatures rise

When the weather starts to heat up our cats not only feel hot and bothered, they run the risk of heat stroke that can be fatal. It’s vital to keep feline temperatures low during the balmy summer months. There are a number of ways to ensure your summer cats enjoy the warmer weather as much […]

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Cat Grooming in Whitechapel, Stepney & Mile End

The Otto & Alice Mobile Pet Grooming Studio is very competent at making cats feel comfortable when they are being groomed. We provide priceless convenience to cat owners throughout Whitechapel, Stepney, Mile End, by coming to you. There is none of the inconvenience of taking your kitty to a busy parlour. Our City & Guilds […]

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Does Your Cat Need A Bath?

Water and cats don’t usually mix, so kitty can find having a bath incredibly stressful. Here we take the heat out of the bathing issue. There are a few cats that actually like water or are at least used to being bathed from an early age, but if yours isn’t one of those it’s highly likely […]

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Keep your cat’s teeth clean and healthy

As many as 85% of our cats aged at least three years have some degree of dental disease. Groomers who get up close to your animals can act as a first alert to a cat’s teeth having possible health issues. Routine tooth brushing isn’t a feature of many cats’ lives. However, keeping your cat’s teeth […]

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Cats and Allergies? A Good Groom Can Remove The Problem

When it comes to cats and allergies, a good regular groom can help people who suffer from being allergic to cats. The primary reason why many people are “allergic” to cats is that common allergens, like pollen and dust, get stuck in the animal’s fur. When a cat lies next to an open window or […]

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