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Cats and Allergies? A Good Groom Can Remove The Problem

When it comes to cats and allergies, a good regular groom can help people who suffer from being allergic to cats. The primary reason why many people are “allergic” to cats is that common allergens, like pollen and dust, get stuck in the animal’s fur. When a cat lies next to an open window or […]

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Spring Danger 1: Fighting Fleas On Your Pet

Fighting Fleas When Spring is Springing – around February each year – is the beginning of flea season! It’s time to get vigilant if you are a pet owner. Among external canine and feline parasites,fleas are without a doubt the most common. Around one to two millimetres in length fleas live for between seven to 14 […]

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Understanding cat body language

What does cat body language tell us To understand what’s on your cat’s mind you could get a lot of clues from his or her body language – if you know what to look for. Cats use a variety of facial expressions, body postures,  and noises to communicate their messages and ward off uncomfortable confrontations. […]

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Stop Your Cat Biting

How to stop a cat biting The reasons why a cat bites are many and varied. To stop the habit you need to understand the different causes and recognise the ones you need to prevent. Some cats just love to bite their keepers. Some of this biting can simply be playful, but I think we […]

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Maison de Moggy for people to adopt a cat

The first ‘cat cafe’ has opened its doors in Scotland to enable feline fans to drink the purrfect cuppa. Animal lovers visiting Maison de Moggy, in Edinburgh’s heart, will be able to spend up to an hour in the company of the cafes 10 pedigree cats. The cats range from Ragdolls to Maine Coons, and […]

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Cat lovers set to take part in UK General Election

Cat lovers could be the deciding factor in the next UK General Election to be held in May. Next month the charity Cats Protection will launch the UK’s first “manifesto for cats” in a bid to influence the outcome of the election for the next UK Parliament. The 10-point manifesto will be unveiled at a […]

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