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Spring Danger 1: Fighting Fleas On Your Pet

Fighting Fleas When Spring is Springing – around February each year – is the beginning of flea season! It’s time to get vigilant if you are a pet owner. Among external canine and feline parasites,fleas are without a doubt the most common. Around one to two millimetres in length fleas live for between seven to 14 […]

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GoDogGo: Dog Exercise Machine

The Ball Chucking Machine That Will Give Your Dog Exercise – both physically & mentally Being debilitated with a painful foot injury is not good when you have dogs to exercise. Suddenly the regular – and usually uplifting – task of taking them for a walk becomes an excruciating and not-to-be-looked-forward-to-experience. I know because I was […]

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Dog Grooming Championships 2015

Plans are being worked out for this year’s exciting event at Stoneleigh Park near Coventry in Warwickshire. The event will take place on Sunday 4th October 2015. There will be trade stands, seminars, competitions etc. Details will be announced on these pages over the coming weeks and months.

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