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West Highland Terrier Groom

West Highland Terrier groom

Bison to West Highland Terrier – in just three hours!

5 February 2015: Bison or West Highland Terrier groom

Bertie is a West Highland Terrier and it was his first full groom today. 

He’s about seven months of age and I thought his coat was ready to be cut and shaped. His owner had consulted me because Bertie is a dog we visit daily to walk, and he already knows me well.

Bertie is a mischief and knowing terriers as I do, I was prepared for a bit of a game during the groom. But he surprised me, and behaved a bit like an angel – despite the substantial matted areas I had to tease out. This was an arduous task for me and very boring for him.

All in all though I was pleased with the results – and my customer was too!

From Bison to West Highland Terrier in just 3 hours 🙂 !!