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Dog Walking in Bow

Dog walking Bow, Bromley-by-bow

Dogs almost universally love a good walk and the ones that live in Bow & Bromley-by-Bow are no exceptions.

Picking up the leash and embarking on the normal routine suggesting the possibility of a walk is bound to get at least a wag of the tail, if not a full-on dance. Dogs are invariably thrilled about the prospect of going out.

To find out more about dog walking in Bow and Bromley-by-Bow, or to make a booking contact Louise on [telnumlink]07973 692509[/telnumlink] or email cdpom@aol.com


There are different reasons why individual dogs get excited. In our experience, they break down into four basic categories.

The runners

Some dogs love to run. What they desire is exercise. They want to move, preferably at a rate of knots. These are those dogs that need daily activity. Often they’ll pull on the lead to begin with, but they quickly settle down to a rhythm. And when they have burned off energy and released those powerful endorphins, they even settle down and accept a more flexible pace from you.

The sniffers

Most dogs love to sniff. It’s their primary means of communicating after all. But for a significant number it’s their priority from beginning to end. The nose is to the ground or up whatever they encounter. It’s what gives them mental and sensory stimulation.

The meeters and greeters

Some dogs just want to say hello to everyone or dog they meet. These social butterflies simply want to be everyone’s friend. They love to connect with others, and may be slightly disappointed if there are few others out and about during walks.

The markers

These are the dogs that want their peers to know where they’ve been and that they’re in charge. Sometimes, when you have two together it’s difficult to move on because they want to cover the mark left by their accomplice and vice versa. They are very interested in who’s been out and about.

Of course, most dogs combine more than one of these traits. The dog walkers that cover Bow and Bromley-by-Bow for Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind (CDPOM for short!) know their runners, sniffers, greeters, and markers.

Our professional team is fully insured and will walk your dog on its own or with other dogs where required. But the maximum number we ever walk together is three.

Your dog will be walked from your house and brought back after at least 45 minutes of exercise. If you request it, your dog can be fed to your specifications and left wherever you say in the house. Water and games are provided on all walks with CDPOM.