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At Celebrate Pets we want you to live in harmony with your pets. To show we can help, get your FREE reports into welcoming a new kitten into your life and eliminating a dog's excessive barking! Simply subscribe below...

These are just two of the many areas where we aim to help pet lovers to live in perfect harmony with their beloved animals

Welcome to Celebrate Pets, the place to come to learn all about living in harmony with your dogs, cats and other lovely pets.

We’ve set up this website to share our knowledge on important topics like:

  • Eliminating your dog's barking
  • Stopping your cats and dogs from inappropriate behaviour
  • Deterring cats from scratching
  • Dealing with pets suffering separation anxiety
  • Stopping your dog chewing, digging, chasing & begging
  • Halting dog and cat aggression
  • Deterring your dog from jumping up
  • Calming cats from suffering hyper nights
  • Discouraging Cat Meowing 
  • Stopping cats from excessive grooming

If you have problems with your pets, dealing with them may seem like a daunting task at first, but once you have read through the impressive archive of articles here on Celebrate Pets, you will be that much closer to achieving your goals.

Dog training and cat care are journeys; but they are paths we all must walk if we truly want to live in harmony with our animals. Louise and I are here to take your hand and walk you through from the basic concepts all the way to advanced methods.

We want you to read the articles here and apply some of techniques we have uncovered through extensive experience of working with all manner of pets. The techniques do work, and have worked for many people and their pets.

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