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Cat Sitting in Bromley-by-Bow and Bow

Cat sitting Bronley and Bromley-by-Bow

All cats are territorial, as owners in Bow, Bromley-by-Bow can attest. This means they are less stressed and happier in their own environment rather than in any cattery.

If you live in Bow or Bromley-by-Bow, Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind (CDPOM for short!) can provide you with the priceless convenience of visiting your cat in his or her own home while you’re away, or simply too busy.

We have been trusted to care for cats in the Bromley and Bromley-by-Bow areas since 1999, so your cat and you will see our service as a win-win scenario. Your pet gets to stay in his or her familiar surroundings in Bromley or Bromley-by-Bow, while you don’t have to concern yourself about one more thing.

By choosing to use the services of CDPOM, you have the peace of mind of knowing professional and experienced pet lovers are caring from your beloved pet and they are covered by comprehensive insurance.

To find out more about cat sitting in Bow and Bromley-by-Bow, or to make a booking contact Louise on [telnumlink]07973 692509[/telnumlink] or email cdpom@aol.com

You don’t have to rely on any friends, neighbours or relatives but you can rest assured that your pet’s needs are being put first and foremost.

Cat sitting Bow, Bromley-by-Bow

When CDPOM visits homes in the Bromley, Bromley-by-Bow area we can also bring in the mail, close and open blinds and curtains, water plants and turn lights on and off for that added element of security.

Our carers will top up water, clean and replenish food bowls, and ensure litter trays and feeding areas are kept clean and hygienic – as well as playing and cuddling with your precious pet.

The CDPOM team is experienced at administering medication and can keep you informed if there are any changes in eating habits or anything else that may give cause for concern. If you like, our Otto & Alice Mobile Pet Grooming Studio can visit your home in Bromley or Bromley-by-Bow to groom your cat while you’re away.