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Cat Sitting in Hackney, Dalston

Cat sitting in Hackney, Dalston

Happy British Shorthair kitten likes being stroked by one of our carers


We began life back in 1999 in Hackney, Dalston and have very deep roots in the area.

Since we began Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind (CDPOM for short!) from our home in Brownlow Road, off Queensbridge Road, we have learned that cats are very territorial creatures and much prefer to be looked after in their own home. They are less stressed and much happier in the spaces they know. Anyone who has taken a cat to a cattery will know what fear that journey sparks in our feline friends.

Letting your cat stay at home in Hackney, Dalston and be cared for by the professionals from CDPOM is a win-win for both you and your cat. The cat gets to stay in his or her familiar surroundings while you have the peace of mind there is one thing less to worry about when you go away.

By choosing to use the services of a CDPOM cat sitter with a long experience of visiting and caring for cats in Hackney, Dalston, you don’t have to rely on an uninsured friend, neighbour or relative to look after your pet.

When you commission CDPOM to visit you can rely on pet care professionals who put your pet’s needs first.

And we don’t stop there. Not only can you rest assured that your pets will be served their food, water, along with lots of fuss but the your property’s windows and doors, locks and alarms will be checked, and all the post will be gathered together and left indoors away from prying eyes.

At CDPOM we have built up a coveted reputation for keeping properties clean and tidy. We not only clean thoroughly around pet areas, washing bowls, scooping and cleaning litter trays, but we also ensure pets have adequate supplies.

Cat flaps are checked as are the pets’ electronic tags. All alarms where used are set and unset as instructed.

CDPOM’s team are trained in administering medication and are able to carry out basic grooming, especially with long-haired cats. If you would like us to carry out a full groom for your pets then our specialist Otto & Alice Mobile Grooming Studio can visit. Again we specialise in priceless convenience by visiting your pets at their home.

If you would like, our carers are able to water your plants, close and open curtains, twitch blinds and turn lights off and on.

If any of your cat’s food or litter runs out then CDPOM will ensure the necessary provisions are topped up.

What we make sure of is that any pet that we visit in Hackney, Dalston can remain in the environment to which they are accustomed and be comfortable in their own home.

Our aim is always to ensure you have peace of mind so your trip is stress-free for you and your cats.

Our services for busy Eastenders in Hackney and Dalston are dependable. To check for yourself have a read of the many testimonials we have received. CDPOM is comprehensively insured and belongs to the Pet Industry Federation. Every member of our team has passed a rigorous security check.

If there are any changes, for example in your cat’s eating habits, we will make sure you are informed, even if it’s just via the daily log that we leave for all the pets we visit. If the concern is deep you will, of course, be contacted.