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Cats and Allergies? A Good Groom Can Remove The Problem

cat-stray-animal-cute-kitty-homeless-1371434-pxhere.comWhen it comes to cats and allergies, a good regular groom can help people who suffer from being allergic to cats.

The primary reason why many people are “allergic” to cats is that common allergens, like pollen and dust, get stuck in the animal’s fur. When a cat lies next to an open window or ventures outside, any pollen blowing in the breeze can get trapped in the cat’s coat.

Of course, it’s not the pollen and dust that gets the blame, it’s the poor cat when the person’s sneezing and wheezing starts. Dust mites are another common allergen. Dust mites live in any warm and moist area where food is to hand.

As well as any human cells that are sloughed off, these mites will also devour the skin cells of our pets. Pet beds are as hot a spot for dust mites as human mattresses. Add to that the behavior of cats.

Dust, pollen & mites

Cats have a two-fold problem when it comes to allergens and dust. They not only collect dust in their coats, but they also provide a generous food source for mites.

When someone is truly allergic to “cats” and it’s not just a case of being allergic to common pollen, dust and mites then the problem lies in an allergy to proteins found in the cats’ saliva, urine, and dander.

Our cats have at least five proteins which can be allergens for humans. Unlike dust and pollen, these allergens are more complex and are deposited in the fur. They are sticky and small —about 0.1% the size of a dust mite—and can remain airborne for very long periods of time, “sticking” to any surface they encounter.

The benefit of a groom

As a groomer, Louise of the Otto & Alice Mobile Grooming  Studio is able to help alleviate some symptoms.  The cat’s fur needs to be thoroughly washed in a water bath with shampoo, then blow dried until the coat is bone dry.

This process “unglues” and removes most of the allergens and dead fur.  Like any big problem, removing the problems from a cat cannot be solved by one bath. The pet really needs to be bathed and brushed on a four to six–week schedule.

By following this routine the build-up of dust, miles, dander, and allergens will be slowed – if not stopped.  It will keep the allergens from building up on a cat’s coat.

To find out more or to make a booking contact us, call 07837 372527 or email louise@cdpom.com