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Dog Behaviour Problems

dog digging holes

Digging is one of the more difficult behaviours to curb once it has begun

Dog Behaviour Problems Dog Training Will Help You Fix

When you take on a new puppy you have to be aware that you will have training issues that need to be addressed from the start. 

OK so the puppy is cute. Check.

But if you don’t lay down the rules, and allow certain behaviours go unaddressed because you fail to establish yourself as the alpha dominant leader in the relationship, this cute puppy is going to grow up displaying all manner of destructive behaviours you will find much harder – if not impossible – to break as an adult later.

Rest assured there are many simple solutions to many of the problem behaviours you need to tackle.

If the training starts as soon as the puppy arrives in your household, most of the problems won’t  even manifest themselves because you will sort them as soon as they first occur.

It’s just important that you have a programme for training your puppy.

 A Few Of The Issues

  • Excessive barking. Some dogs seem to bark at every possible noise, person, dog or animal just for the fun of it.  It’s annoying for the owner, and the neighbors, especially if you live in an apartment.
  • Digging. This is one of the more difficult issues to curb once it has started. As well as causing damage – creating holes, destroying gardens and flower beds – it can also pose safety problems if it goes uncorrected.
  • Food aggression, If you have multiple pets,some dogs can protect their food from the other animals, snapping at them or chasing them away from their food dish. The danger is that the snapping can lead to biting, and if you have small children, the behaviour can be manifested towards them if they wander into the vicinity.

In addition to these problems, you may also face other dog behaviour problems from dog-to-dog aggression to a variety of other issues including separation anxiety, destructive chewing and related thieving issues, as well as running away and whining.

With the right approach – and if you are following a good dog training course – you should have no difficulties. All you need is patience and commitment.