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How Old is Your Dog?

Everyone who owns a dog is bound to have heard that one year for your best friend equals seven human years. The problem is that the maths is not that simple. When we celebrate our pets’ birthdays it’s worth remembering that dogs mature more rapidly than we do in their early years, which means the […]

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Your Guide to Pet Microchipping

0n 6 April 2016 all dogs in the UK must be microchipped by law. Microchipping is the best way of making sure that a lost  or stolen dog can be reunited with its owner. Here are the essential facts: Microchipping? What’s that? Microchipping a pet is simple and quick. It will give you and your dog the […]

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Crufts 2016: 125th Anniversary of World’s Largest Dog Show

The largest dog show in the world is due to take place between 10 and 13 March 2016 at Birmingham’s NEC. This year it is the show’s 125th anniversary! Here’s The Proposed 2016 Schedule Thursday 10th March 2016 – Toy & Utility breeds, ranging from small lap or companion dogs to breeds that have mainly non-sporting […]

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Dog Fouling & The Law

Dog Fouling There’s a lot of confusion about the law and dog mess – mostly among non-dog owners. The fact is that dog mess is most definitely an eyesore, a health hazard, and an affront to a modern, organised society. As dog owners, we have legal duties to clean up when our dogs mess in […]

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Adopting A Puppy

Adopting a puppy from a breeder Unless you inherit a puppy from someone else or rehome one from a shelter then you will be buying your bundle of joy from a breeder. Questions to ask Even before you set about arranging to visit a puppy, phone the breeder and ask some questions like: • Did […]

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