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Stop Dog Chasing

Dog chasing needs to be curbed

Dog chasing can be frightening and dangerous

Techniques to Stop Dog Chasing

The best way of dealing with the different problems dog owners face with their dogs – whether it’s barking problems, digging problems and even jumping up on people – is to prevent them before they begin.
This involves training puppies to live up to expectations and be obedient through consistent reinforcement.

Train puppies to live up to expectations and be obedient fast!

Another training issue that comes up is dog chasing. It can be very dangerous to the dog as well as any individuals involved. And there a variety of different methods to stop dog chasing so you can prevent this issue arising.
They all require the dog owner to be consistent with whichever method is chosen.

Prevention is better than cure

The most obvious way to stop dogs chasing cars, for example, is to only allow your dog to be outside supervised and on a leash.
Anyway, dogs should never be allowed to run free outside as this puts them and others in danger when they are near the road.
Even if people live in rural areas with little traffic, the dog should always be trained to stay in its territory so he or she does not venture into the road and cause an accident.
This also hinders dogs from chasing individuals who may come around the dog’s territory.
It should be recognised that allowing a dog to chase people or other animals is not only endangering the dog but also the other people or animals.
There is also a concern here about the action of chasing creating aggression in the dog, which is something any dog owner should not want to foster in their family pet.
When a dog chases his or her owner in a playful way, the owner should not encourage that behaviour with positive reinforcement.
Even though playing chase can be fun, it can create aggressive behaviour in the dog and the owner would not want the chasing behaviour to be reflected around visitors to the home.

Ways to stop dog chasing

To stop dog chasing you should refuse to run away from the dog if and when he or she tries to play in this way.
You should turn your back to the dog and refuse the dog any attention when it exhibits this behaviour.
As the dog calms down, you should then give your dog the attention and praise. Another method to reinforce good behaviour and stop dog chasing is to firmly tell the dog to sit when it starts the chase behaviour.
As before, when the dog follows your instruction and sits, you should give it attention to reinforce the positive behaviour.