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Spring Heralds The Scourge of Ticks

Ticks already have it in their diaries: The Spring Equinox is due on Monday, 20 March, and the signs of the new season are already upon us even at the beginning of the month.

For us pet owners, while Spring may be bringing us welcome lighter days and evenings, as well as even more appealing warmer weather, it also brings these pesky ticks — those nasty little, blood-sucking parasites.

Tackling ticks takes effort

Tick the box: this eight-legged parasite can cause severe problems for your dogs and cats

The problem with them is they have a canny knack of latching on to an animal’s skin and stubbornly remaining in place for many days while they enjoy their bloody meal.

For the animal, the bites may irritate, but worse, ticks can transmit some very nasty and dangerous conditions, like Lyme disease – and in the UK the number of confirmed cases is, unfortunately, rising steadily.

Ticks can be found in woods, heathland and in some suburban spaces, especially if there are hedgehogs, foxes or deer nearby.

To prevent the problem of ticks:

● Treat your animals with an anti-tick solution like a special collar http://amzn.to/2mTe4in.
● Give your dogs a thorough check after their walks and your cats after they have been out and about. Ticks are difficult to spot initially but may well emerge on the skin when they have had a good suck on your pets’ blood.
● If and when you do spot a tick, remove it as soon as possible. There are special tick hooks available, or you can use tick tweezers. These are definitely the most efficient way of removing the whole tick including its head.
● It is important that you do not use Vaseline or any other creams, which may encourage the tick to drop off, but will not kill it.